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Lokud hardware, from Italy.Is the Italy culture and the Italy art blood in the Chinese mainland's early successor.Early Lokud brand founder had lived in Italy,A chance to enter the lock industry in Italy, and quickly became the forerunner of the modern industry.
    In 1969, to serve the motherland of ideas inspired by, Le solid brand founder Tsai old Mr., put down in Italy lock customized workshops, carrying a single cause to save the patriotic heart, resolutely give up career in Italy, from the other side of the ocean Italy returned to the hometown of South China a town. At the time of the Chinese industrial production system there are a thousand things wait to be done, the embryonic stage. Agricultural production and fishery production have become the mainstay of production and life. Mr. Tsai old did not forget traveled across oceans in search of a determined the long cherished wish of Xingguo industrial and in agricultural production, in Italian handmade lock technology within the family of hands-on instruction. Because the lock at the time of making the lack of any industrial equipment and auxiliary tools, making the lock just stay in a simple and easy method of functional products, for some novel design of product conception, only temporarily put in the drawings. The idea of industrial equipment and production tools, but also because of domestic policy does not allow, these factors directly lead to the idea of lock business can only stay in the small scale of production.
        at the end of the 70's, the spring breeze of reform to blow in the South Chinese. Mr. Tsai old seize this rare opportunity, again traveled to Italy, and reference to study some production tools, production method, and back to the portion of the tool parts, returned home a reload, timely solution to the problem of lack of productivity. At that time, the domestic industrial consumer market is still not very mature, in combination with the situation of Italy market and international market resources, and boldly created the export business this way.
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Customer testimonials
  • ● The price and product quality is proportional to do the project is a good advantage.——Zhengzhou City LEGU Hardware store
  • ● Price can also be very fast, can be a small batch order.——Foshan City LEGU Hardware store
  • ● delivery speed is very fast, very few factories can do this. ——Haikou City LEGU Hardware store
  • ● And the color of the surface is also relatively new, it is worth promoting in the market.——Shenzhen City LEGU Hardware store
  • ● When the world is on the delivery, delivery speed is very fast, very few factories can do this.——Hangzhou City LEGU Hardware store

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